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Even though the streets are empty, you can’t say the same about our hearts.

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Thank you who all who helped in making this crowdsourced video.

Jared Weidman at JW Aerial Image
Airamis Clark
Jason Judd
Maria Falzone
Vic Rivera
Patrick and Lucy McDonough
Paul Sletten
Josh Binning at Lucha Cantina
Carol Bingley and family
Colleen Benthal
Miles Nielsen
Jon Rozman
The many many many heart photo contributors
Ashley Hancock
Rhiannon Yandell
Helen Molina-Tobon
Lovina Youngman
Maureen Kirschmann
Robyn Bernd
Sarah Eisele Renicker
The many masked contributors

Music by Zach Staas, and Daniel Pingrey.

Produced by Pablo Korona