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We tell stories to provide more opportunities for connection, compassion, and new unexpected perspectives. These stories just so happen to be in Rockford, Illinois. It is important to tell these stories because to many, both here and elsewhere, Rockford is often portrayed through a single narrative of violence or economic tragedy, but to ignore our complexity robs people of dignity.



We typically speak about how our Midwestern city of 150,000 lives in a a post-industrial world, with a strong aerospace presence, but what we neglect to tell is the story of the people.  How we are a people of resolve, city of immigrants, who adapt to the ever changing world.  Our stories fill in the gap between the overall municipal picture and personal stories of the citizens who reside here.

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Ivy, the Dumpster Puppy

In 2014, Patrick Karceski found puppies that were thrown away in a dumpster. He brought them to Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, Inc. Rockford IL and they rescued them. One of those puppies, Ivy, was adopted by Jennifer Walker, who brought her to training. At training, the trainer said that Ivy has the temperament to be a great therapy dog. She proudly helps out at OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center.

Ivy was thrown away, and now helps people who need help, brightening their day.

Special thank you to Patrick Karceski for providing photographs. Additional footage graciously provided by WIFR TV

Produced by Pablo Korona
Music by Zach Staas, Daniel Pingrey, and Jason Kaye of Mirari Productions