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Jimmy Goodman

Jimmy Goodman lives up to his surname. Three days a week, he volunteers in running and coaching youth in the sport of boxing. When you walk into the space, you immediately see the ring before you, but you may not get to step in it for months. Jimmy teaches discipline and harnesses the passion to get in the ring to spar, with the fierceness of disciplined practice. Practice. On a practice night, you can’t see into the space through the tall glass storefront windows, because it’s fogged up from the 20+ kids running, doing pushups and sit-ups. It’s enough to make a person who feels they are in good shape, break out in sweat just watching. It continues on with this strictly regimented activity for 45 minutes to an hour.

Now, Jimmy works with kids from all walks of life in the city. Some who can afford, but most who can’t. He charges meager monthly dues and has some support from Patriot’s Gateway, but he does not get paid. He makes no money off the gear he sells, he turns around and sells what he purchases at cost to these kids.

Jimmy’s boxers are well regarded whenever they travel to out-of-city and even out-of-state matches. They are a fierce crew of champions, everywhere from State to National. Most recently, one of his female boxers won the prestigious Golden Gloves in Chicago in her age group.

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